Welcome to BIGGUY.ORG a website for those who are take responsibility for family, community and their careers. They Inspire others by being role models that lead by character and taking responsibility for their own actions. A BIG GUY is someone of great courage, strength, honor and leadership. They are people who through their accomplishments and commitment to excellence earn the greatest respect for others to follow.  We started from simple means with a clear positive message and believe in the value of a person self worth. Visit the BIG GUY Shop from the store link with featuring quality branded BIG GUY® products for men, women and children. See our Big Guy shop for term of use and related information about the BIG GUY brand. The BIG GUY shop is open and our goals are to help young people to achieve they potential. BIG GUY® is a registered trademark All rights reserved. Character BIG GUY is a person who is committed and of moral or ethical quality. They are person of honorable character with qualities of honesty, courage, and  integrity. Leadership  BIG GUY is a person who guides or directs a person and or group. They act by leading and guidance; for a positive successful result. Honor  BIG GUY is a a source of credit or distinction. Who  honor is to one's family. They have high respect, as for worth, merit, and or rank. Courage BIG GUY is a person of quality of mind and spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., with bravery, fearlessness, valour with a win or lose positive attitude. © 2012 BIGGUY.org All rights reserved